YRP UNL to attend “2021 TRON Symposium -TRON SHOW-.”

YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (YRP UNL) will attend the “2021 TRON Symposium -TRON SHOW-” which will take place for three days from December 8 (Wed), 2021.

The TRON Symposium, which will be held for the 37th time, is sponsored by TRON Forum and is also widely known as “TRONSHOW.” In this symposium, “Aggregate Computing,” Open IoT, the IoS (Internet of Services), open data, etc., are showcased. These concepts have been advocated by TRON Project*, and YRP UNL has also contributed to their research and development. Companies and research groups at the forefront of the IoT, embedded systems, and AI will hold the exhibitions and give technical presentations.

*TRON Project is a federation of projects to realize “Computing Everywhere,” – the IoT (The Internet of Things), or the ubiquitous computing environment based on “Open Architecture” philosophy. The project promotes “Open IoT” based on the core concept of “Open” so that anyone can benefit from computers. To realize that, the project researches “Open API “and advocates “Open Data” by national and local governments, public transportation operators, etc., to share their data for public use.

This year, the theme of the symposium is “Rebooting.” The present pandemic has highlighted the “new normal” transformation. With this background, the symposium will debate how to approach DX, primarily how to utilize IoT and ICT technology to transform our daily lives and society. Ken Sakamura, Director of YRP UNL, will give a keynote speech on this theme on opening day (Wednesday, December 8).

At the venue, we will exhibit and highlight real-time edge nodes, a personal data protection mechanism, and “Aggregate Computing” utilized for smart cities, intelligent buildings, and location information services.

The symposium will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hall and also online. To join the symposium, pre-registration is required.
For details, please visit the “2021 TRON Symposium -TRON SHOW-” website.

2021 TRON Symposium -TRONSHOW-

Dates: December 8 (Wed.)~December 10 (Fri.), 2021
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hall [Access]
Admission: Pre-registration required.
Please check the details on the “2021 TRON Symposium -TRON SHOW-” website.