YRP UNL has been engaged in promoting open data of public transportation information.

Main activity has been building a platform and data maintenance of Public Transportation Open Data Center, and assisting the maintenance of intra-station maps and facility information of major stations that are implemented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Public Transportation Open Data Center (ODPT) offers information of railway, bus, airline and all other means of transportation comprehensively as one stop service. The center gathers and cleans the raw data provided by mainly public transportation operations who are members of ODPT, and provides the data through the easy-to-use API for service developers.

Employing YRP UNL`s platform, “Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo” have been held a few times already. In the contest, the key players of public transportation in the Tokyo metropolitan area, namely, East Japan railway (JR East), Tokyo Metro, Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and others provide many types of static data such as timetable. Also, dynamic data such as operation status and location information of trains and buses, and real time flight arrival and departure information are provided.

For details, please visit the web site of Association for Open Data of Public Transportation. For inquiries, please contact Association for Open Data of Public Transportation Secretariat Office (E-mail: odpt-office@ubin.jp).

Public Transportation Open Data Center