1. YRP UNL’s Personal Information Protection Policy

YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (hereafter referred to as “YRP UNL”) recognizes our social responsibility on the management and the protection of personal information as the laboratory that contributes to society at home and abroad, researching the cutting-edge computer, IoT technologies and future systems. The director and the all employees of YRP UNL are bound to comply with the personal protection policy stipulated herein to manage and protect personal information.

  1. YRP UNL shall collect personal data, when necessary, with clearly stated purposes and use the information after gaining the consent of individuals. Also, we will take necessary measures to avoid using the personal information exceeding the stated purposes of usage.
  2. When personal information is acquired as is written in a document from an individual, YRP UNL shall notify the individual of laboratory name, personal information manager name, contact information and purposes of usage in advance, then will collect the personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes.
  3. YRP UNL shall strictly manage personal information and shall not disclose or provide personal data to any third parties without the consent from the individual, excluding exemptions necessitated by laws and regulations. Also, when handling of personal information is outsourced, we shall properly manage the external contractors, making agreements to forbid disclosing or providing personal information to any third parties.
  4. YRP UNL shall maintain collected personal information in the most appropriate and updated status to the extent necessary for purposes. Also, we shall take appropriate safety measures for prevention of unintended disclosure and loss of personal information etc., and continue to enhance countermeasures for any risks.
  5. YRP UNL Gotanda Laboratory will sincerely respond to requests from individuals for the release, correction, elimination, refusal of usage, provision, complaints or inquiries on personal information.
  6. YRP UNL shall comply with the Japanese laws and regulations, guidelines and other norms stipulated by Japanese Government for the handling of personal information.

Contact for Inquiries on Personal Information Protection Policy

Gotanda Laboratory

Tel: +81-3-5437-2270
E-mail: webmaster@ubin.jp
Address: SEIJITSU BLD-1, 2-12-3 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan

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4. Scope of Application

The private policy applies only to YRP UNL website excluding links that lead to the third party’s servers maintained by individuals or organizations over which YRP UNL has no control. YRP UNL makes no representations nor warranties over the website outside YRP UNL`s website. As for the external websites you may visit, please check privacy policies of each organization.