In order to fulfill the objective to support the communication between an ambulance crew and doctors, the system offers following the two features of sharing;

  • Real-time video images in an ambulance with hospitals
  • Location information of an ambulance with hospitals.

YRP UNL has built and operated the Ubiquitous Emergency Medicine Cloud Service as the tool to support:

  • the communication between the ambulance crew and doctors by transmitting the images of the patients when they are transported to hospital from emergency sites
  • A doctor car dispatched by hospital and an ambulance crew to join at the emergency site smoothly by sharing information on the location of the both parties.

Case Study

There was a case where a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest was taken care of by this service and could  return to a normal life without aftereffect.

Currently the service is operated by 14 ambulance crew units in Yokosuka City and Miura City.