In order to deploy IoT technologies widely in the world, the issue of power consumption in wireless communication technologies should be considered.

Low-power connection technologies more efficient than Wi-Fi are required for sensor devices, that work with batteries or energy harvesting, to connect to IoT networks.

6LoWPAN is a protocol to realize IPv6-based communication over low-power wireless technology such as IEEE 802.15.4 or Bluetooth LE.
6LoWPAN is an essential technology for YRP UNL’s “Aggregate Computing” that requires close collaboration between IoT devices and the cloud.

Case Study: 6LoWPAN Protocol Suites

YRP UNL has been implementing 6LoWPAN protocol stack, that can operate on μT-Kernel 2.0 which conforms to standard OS specification (IEEE Std 2050), for IoT devices. Devices and communication can be run on a small memory footprint of 12 KB RAM on one-chip microcomputer.

Also, power-saving intermittent communication is supported by default and a sensor device using a battery successfully lasted more than 1 year.

Figure 1. 6LoWPAN Protocol Stack
Figure 2. Power-saving intermittent communication in beacon mode

Currently, the development of “6LoWPAN border router” which operates as a bridge between network and Internet is conducted. Also, YRP UNL has been building the infrastructure for highly secured aggregate computing with TLS/SSL tunneling.