Standardization of IoT Edge node

In order to realize IoT environments, the collaboration between the cloud and edge nodes is essential.

  • The cloud
    High performance computing resource to be realized in network environments
  • Edge nodes
    Data collection devices such as censors to import real world information to the cloud
    Reflect output produced out of complicated processes in clouds, in real world (e.g. actuators etc.).

IoT environments will be realized when vast number of devices are connected so ultra-lightweight edge nodes can realize cost saving of IoT applications and decrease the environmental loads.

YRP UNL implements 6LoWPAN protocol to connect edge nodes and the cloud in low-power environment and offers it as a package (here is the case study).

Furthermore, YRP UNL has been building environments to build IoT applications efficiently by standardizing edge node`s hardware (IoT-Engine) and basic software (μT-Kernel), collaborating with the TRON Forum.