The Fourth Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo

Association for Open Data of Public Transportation (ODPT) (Chair: Ken Sakamura, Dean of INIAD, Tokyo University) in collaboration with public transportation and ICT operators, has held the Fourth Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo since November 18, 2019.

Many events that will attract international attention are planned for Tokyo in 2020 such as opening of Tokyo International Cruise Terminal and Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Open Data Challenge offers the data  related to the public transportation such as railway, bus and airline, to developers, and widely calls for applications created by those developers that contribute to smooth transfer and comfortable stay in Tokyo.

In the fourth challenge, the following data will be made available in addition to the data offered previously; the data of human movement (based on location information in a format that cannot identify an individual collected with each user’s consensus from smartphone app), data of mobile spacial statistics (demographic data collected every hour from smartphone) and data of share cycle.

Also the data made available so far will be expanded. It includes following;

  • route and timetables of public transportation, railway operation status
  • the real-time information of train positions, bus locations, and flight arrival / departure, and
  • intra-station maps including available facilities.

Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation has been held annually since December 7, 2017 aiming at the year of 2020 as a unique open innovative contest to solicit ideas and applications to actively use complex public transportation in Tokyo more conveniently by making the public transportation data available to general developers.

ODPT aims at active use of public transportation open data as part of urban service in Tokyo as a cosmopolitan city. Please visit the link below for further information.

Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo